Inside the Lab

S2Ep12: Lifehacks for Anatomic Pathology

February 15, 2022 American Society for Clinical Pathology Season 2 Episode 12
Inside the Lab
S2Ep12: Lifehacks for Anatomic Pathology
Show Notes

Life hacks are tricks or shortcuts that make life easier and more efficient, like storing the roll of garbage bags at the bottom of your trash bin so the next bag is right there when you take out the trash.

In the world of anatomic pathology, tissue and organ samples run through multiple processes to render a diagnosis, it’s especially important that to stay organized and efficient. 

So, what life hacks can pathologists and medical laboratory scientists leverage to make our life in the anatomic pathology lab easier? What can  be more productive and precise? 

On this episode of Inside the Lab, our hosts Dr. Dan Milner and Ms. Kelly Swails are joined by Dr. Sarah Garner, PhD, MS, PA(ASCP), Director of the Pathologists’ Assistant Program at Tulane University, Ms. Michelle Bell, HT(ASCP)CM, Applications Manager at Milestone Medical and 20-year veteran of laboratory management, and Dr. Jerad Gardner, MD, Dermatopathologist and Bone/Soft Tissue Pathologist at Geisinger Medical Labs, to share their best life hacks for anatomic pathology. 

Our panelists discuss their most effective workflow strategies, and describe how they optimize their time at the microscope to produce accurate results. They weigh in on the best ways to manage people and walk us through their top hacks for ensuring positive, active communication with clinical partners and colleagues. Listen in for best time management hacks and learn how they set priorities in their personal and professional lives. 

Topics Covered 
· Top technical and workflow hacks for anatomic pathology
· Maintaining order in the absence of a barcoding system
· Developing  a culture of appreciation in the anatomic pathology lab
· Why time management is a challenge in the anatomic pathology lab
· Strategies for optimizing time at the microscope and producing valuable results
· Best practices for ensuring positive, active communication with clinical partners and colleagues inside and outside your institution
· How our panelists navigate impromptu testing requests from clinicians
· Dr. Garner, Ms. Bell, and Dr. Gardner’s advice on achieving work-life balance

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