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S2Ep20: Leadership Institute Book Club: Glennon Doyle's Untamed

July 12, 2022 American Society for Clinical Pathology Season 2 Episode 20
Inside the Lab
S2Ep20: Leadership Institute Book Club: Glennon Doyle's Untamed
Show Notes

In the introduction to Glennon Doyle’s latest memoir, she asks herself, “Who was I before I became who the world told me to be?” 

We’re all affected by social conditioning and make choices based on others’ expectations. And all too often, we make ourselves smaller to fit in the “cage” of what’s socially acceptable. So, what can we do to break free from social conditioning and start accepting our authentic selves? 

On this episode of Inside the Lab, our hosts, Dr. Lotte Mulder and Ms. Kelly Swails are joined by Ms. Patty J. Eschliman, MHA, MLS(ASCP), DLM, Director of Laboratory Operations at Western Missouri Medical Center and Former Chair of the DLM Exam Committee for ASCP, Dr. Jennifer Kasten, MD, MSc, FASCP, Pediatric Pathologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Member of the ASCP Pathologist Council, and Dr. Constantine ‘Aki’ Kanakis, MD, MSc, MLS(ASCP), Resident Physician at Loyola Medicine in Chicago and Member of the ASCP Patient Champions Advisory Board, to discuss Glennon Doyle’s bestseller, Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living

Our panelists explore how much of our decision-making is based on other people’s expectations and what women can do to find freedom from social conditioning. They share some of the things they denied themselves over the years because they didn’t fit with societal expectations and explain what we can do to reconnect with parts of ourselves we’ve neglected. Listen in for insight around the “cages” we impose on ourselves and learn how the principles in Untamed might inform our work in the predominantly female field of laboratory medicine. 

Topics Covered
· How the expectations of our families and peer groups inform the “cages” we impose on ourselves
· How much our decision-making is based on  expectations of others (and why some expectations are beneficial)
· How to create a balance between forging your own path and asking for advice from others
· What we can do to reconnect with the parts of ourselves we’ve neglected
· How the themes covered in Untamed inform working in the laboratory  

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