Inside the Lab

S3Ep12: Transitioning to Leadership Outside the Laboratory

May 30, 2023 American Society for Clinical Pathology Season 3 Episode 12
Inside the Lab
S3Ep12: Transitioning to Leadership Outside the Laboratory
Show Notes

Are you dreaming of moving up the ladder and transitioning to a management position in the laboratory? Or maybe even a leadership role outside the lab? 

What can you do to learn the leadership skills you need to take that next step in your career? 

On this episode of Inside the Lab, your hosts, Ms. Kelly Swails, MLS(ASCP), and Dr. Lotte Mulder, PhD, are joined by Dr. Gary Procop, MD, MS, CEO of the American Board of Pathology, Ms. Anne Walsh-Feeks, MS, PA(ASCP), FACHE, Assistant Dean and COO for Ambulatory Operations at Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brooke, New York, and Ms. Carol Gomes, MS, FACHE, CPHQ, MASCP, MT(ASCP)HTL, DLM, CEO and COO at Stony Brook University Hospital, to discuss the transition to leadership outside the laboratory. 

Our panelists discuss their journeys to leadership roles, sharing the resources they found helpful in making the transition and offering advice for laboratory professionals considering management positions in or outside the lab. Listen in for our panelists' insight on building leadership experience through volunteering and learn to leverage the skills you’re honing in the lab to advance your career! 

Topics Covered 
· Career advice for laboratory professionals who wish to move into a management position
· Why it is important to maintain your clinical role during the transition to management
· Leadership skills learned from volunteering with professional associations
· How to take advantage of tuition reimbursement programs to further your education
· Skills learned working in the lab that can contribute career progression
· The pivotal events responsible for our panelists' transition to leadership outside the lab
· Advice for clinicians who want to make the leap to leadership roles outside the lab
· Certifications and degrees our panelists found helpful in making the transition to leadership
· What our panelists would do differently in their careers given the opportunity
· What our panelists miss about working in the lab 

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